Linux vs NT

I was recently just pondering server OSes. I currently own 7 computer systems running every major windows OS and Red Hat Linux. I was most excited when I originally got my Win2k server operational. It was easy to set up and was relatively simple to manage. Linux, in contrast, was a headache to set up and configure. It took me multiple months to finally get the system set up the way I wanted. At the time, my only aspirations were to use the server as a mail server. Here I am one year later and I have to say that I find my Linux server much more useful and exciting. Why? It is about the software. There is so much amazing stuff for Linux available for free. Take this site for example, MovableType is an open source Blog system, and is running on apache with PHP and using MySQL on the backend. All of these are free open source applications. It is amazing. Unfortunately, there is not nearly the variety of open source apps for NT. Thus NT is just stuck running basic apps such as IIS and other stuff. I am considering switching my NT server over to Linux. The only downside is that I lose active server pages. Hmmm, maybe I can find an ASP engine for Linux.

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