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Mike S. in CA just purchased an XBox and so he and I have been playing online a bunch in the last few days. I forget how fun but also how annoying playing the XBox online is. I was having more problems yesterday playing. We start these games and the pings would like fine and then all of a sudden they would sky rocket and we woudl get horrible lag. Sometimes it was me and other times it was other people. There has to be a better way. I am hoping that XBox live works as promised. Online gaming is a blast when it works, but man what a head ache when it doesn’t. I can’t help but wonder how Microsoft is going to effectively manage the bandwidth and overall connectivity to prevent these
kinds of things from happening. The addition of voice in Live will make bandwidth management even more important. I am really very curious and looking forward to the public release of Live in November. I am still hoping to get in on the Beta test, but it is currently unclear about whether that will happen.

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