IP Woes

I am fortunate in that I have a DSL account that comes with two fixed IPs. One is being used by this Linux server while the other is being used by home LAN and NT server. The problem is that there is a chance that I might move in the next few months. I am trying to develop a contingency plan to figure out how to handle this situation. I have a second server ready to go, but curiously, none of my friends have fixed IPs. This a troubling situation as I cannot have my server go down because it handles all of my email as well as that for a few friends and also a number of important mailing lists. I am hoping to figure out a solution to this problem and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts. Does anyone using an ISP that does offer fixed IPs?

Job Searching

Well now that September is here, I am kicking my job search into high gear. Things are going pretty well though it is clear that the market is tight right now. The interesting thing is that I just installed Act!. I find the system pretty good, but not great. I am using the old version and am really curious to see how much better the new version is. I have not bothered to upgrade yet and will provide an update when I upgrade to the new version.

More job thoughts

I had lunch today with my classmate Andy R. It was good chatting with hom and I was happy to learn that he recently got a job….Go Andy! We also chatted about a business idea of mine. I think that I need to do some market research to study whether this job idea would really work, but I am intrigued. The trouble is that it is a big risk to start a company and I just have to make sure that I have the stomach for it.

Weblog Design

Well I keep changing the design of my blog. I became really sick of the design that I just had because I thought that the text was too small and that the links were too hard to see. I returned to the default which I like much better. I am also slogging through building my own design. It is coming along well, but a bit slowly because I am not all the familiar with CSS which MT seems to use extensively. I hopefully should have something up in the next few weeks.

Not Many Updates as of late

I have not been updating this blog as much as I would like as of late. Anyway, I have been focusing as of late on archiving applications for digital photography. I want an efficient application that copies the actual jpg files and uses html and has the ability to display a slide show. Most apps use a proprietary .exe file to run the slideshow, this is fun, but I am worried that some day the app won’t run on my computer (Remember DOS Apps?) and I won’t be able to access the pictures. My current strategy is to autorun an HTML file which links to the .exe slideshow(s) and also to the actual jpeg files burned on the CD.

I just purchased a great slideshow app. It uses the whole proprietary .exe thing, but it is small and powerful. It is called Picture to Exe and you can find it here.