SD vs SDHC Memory Cards

I recently was purchasing a high capacity memory card and card reader for a digital camera that uses SD/SDHC.  I was a bit confused about the above two card technologies and was not sure if anyone else had the same problem.

In short, SD is limited in maximum capacity and performance due to some kind of limitation.  (I think that it is something technical, but am not exactly sure why.)  To resolve this. they released SDHC.  An SDHC device will read SD cards and SDHC cards while an SD compatible device will only read SD.  This same point applies to card readers and cameras.

The general recommendation is that you should stick with SDHC since it offers higher capacities and performance.  The issue relates to compatibilty.  When making the leap to SDHC, you need to make sure that both your camera AND your card reader support the technology.

I have a few extra minutes this AM and thought that I would create a quick blog post. I drive by this house every morning on the way to work and my friend MMH over at The Distracted HausFrau posted a picture of this house a few weeks ago entitled a “A House Divided”. The homeowners have since changed their signage and so I thought a quick update would be an appropriate tribute to election day.  I decided to crop this photo a bit tighter than  HausFrau and the lighting was a bit tough due to the time of day.

The photo illustrates (Click for a full size image) how the varying opinions of one household is in many respects are a microcosm for the nation.  Of course, he will most likely be disappointed tonight.

Blackberry Bold

Okay, I need to go to bed, but before crashing on this marathon night. (3rd post!) I wanted to mention that I just saw that the Blackberry Bold is now available from ATT Wireless.  It has been a long wait especially since it was supposed to be released in May!  That said, if you want the coolest QWERTY 3G Blackberry, this is the phone for you.

I am in the market for a new Blackberry, but have decided to wait for the touchscreen Blackberry from Verizon aka The Storm.  It should be out in the next two weeks.

Update on blipfoto

I previously mentioned that I would post the blipfoto site that I subscribe to once I received permission from the owner.  The okay has been received and so here is the URL: http://www.blipfoto/hausfrau. The author of this photo blog is a friend and I recommend that you check it out.

As a digital photographer, a universal card reader is a vital accessory.  The issue is that there are many different card types out there and you need a reader that can handle as many of them as possible.  The fact that many cellphones now support add-on memory cards further adds to the importance of a reader..

You may also ask why not just use the camera (or phone) since most cameras can be directly connected to a computer via USB.  This is true; however, the performance of copying pictures from a camera to a computer via the built-on USB is typically super slow.  This may also require you maintain multiple separate cables for each camera and phone that you use.

The obvious solution to the above issues is purchasing an external multi-card reader.  These devices are very inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as $5 on eBay and for less than $20 on a  I originally took the $5 eBay route figuring that there is not that much difference between readers; I was completely wrong.

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