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Global Warming

I recentl ran across this link. It is an interesting article on the fallacies of global warming. The author argues that global warming may not be a problem and that much of the fuss being created on the topic may be substantially overblown. He goes on to highlight some of the errors in the reports put together by the UN on global warming. Now I am certain not a climatologist, but can tell you that it is definitely interesting to see another perspective then the one we most commonly hear about. The reality is that the author makes some good points and the UN likely has valid points as well. The truth is most likely between the datapoints, but we have to remember that just because a well known institution like the UN takes a specific position mean that the position and supporting facts are correct.



I was recently perusing Foxnews and found a couple of stories on waterboarding. This is one of those methods that have been used to to pry the truth out of uncooperative prisoners. It represent a gray area that may or may not be defined as torture, and was frequently mentioned during the past discussions in the news about the treatment of prisoners.

Waterboarding certainly is a terrible and unpleasant experience, but does not necessarily result in physical harm. There are two videos up at at Foxnews. The link below is for the first and then there is a related link to the second that appears when you are watching the first.

Waterboarding on Fox


Ballot Question #1

As is the case every year, there are a number of ballot questions in the MA election. The one that is getting the most press and is #1. Basically, it proposes allowing food stores to sell wine. The interesting thing is that there is strong promotion on both sides. The pro side talks about the additional availability of wine and the fact that it will reduce wine prices and remove liquor store monopolies. The con side says that it will lead to more underage drinking and will negatively impact drunk driving statistics. Below are the links to the two sites:

  1. For #1
  2. Against #1

This is a tough one to judge. Both positions seem to have valid points. Of course, they are both trying to make the other position look bad and are quoting all kind of statistics showing why the other option is terrible. The truth is probably somewhere between the two positions, but it is hard to discern where the reality lies.


Uplifting Stories

During a recent perusal of the Internet I ran into the two stories below. These are positive and uplifting stories.

The first is Scott Adams Blog. It is the story by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, who lost his voice due to an illness. His illness is one that is irreversible, and only affects his conversations within small groups. It is an interesting story and is a good read.

The second story is about a woman who was born cross eyed. The condition was not fixed soon enough and so she lived her life without stereo vision. It is an uplifting story talking about how she overcome this problem, and how her life changed when she recovered her vision.


Firefox Browser V2

Mozilla just released version 2 of the Firefox browser. I downloaded and installed it today. My initial feedback is mixed. The product is good and works just like the previous version, which IMO is the problem. I have a hard time noticing the difference in the new version. Sure, the new rev has snazzier icons and a close box on each tab, but that seems to be about it. The change release notes talk about a number of new changes, but frequently, the mostly look incremental. This release strikes me as a dot release rather than a whole new version. (e.g. 1.7 vs. 2.0) I expect more changes for a full new release and did not get it with this version. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Firefox fan and will continue to use the product as my primary browser, but I find this version underwhelming in its new features and functions. I would expect more from a major new release rather than some minor feature additions.

Who knows, hopefully V3 will be more dramatic.